MeT is a Cloud-enabled framework that can be used alone or in conjunction with OpenStack for the automatic and heterogeneous reconfiguration of HBase. MeT is an workload aware system that provides automatic elasticity for the HBase NoSQL database. MeT not only adds and removes nodes automatically and according to system load, but also reconfigures them according to the observed workloads. As a result, it achieves a significant increase in overall system performance.


MHS2 is a heuristic-based approximation algorithm for solving the minimal hitting set/set cover problem.

Modelery - Models Refinery

An online repository for software artifacts (mainly models).

PVSio-web prototyping and analysis tool

PVSio-web is a graphical environment that transforms the animation capabilities of the standard PVS theorem proving system with a sophisticated graphical front-end allowing interactive (human-computer) systems modelling and prototyping. Using PVSio-web, one can generate and evaluate realistic interactive prototypes from formal models. PVSio-web has been successfully used over the last two years for analysing commercial medical devices, and has been used to create training material for device developers and device users.


This is a prototyping toolkit based on the Prototyping Verification System (PVS), that supports the development of prototypes by defining their appearance, using displays and buttons and their model, using a EmuChart with states and transitions between the states. The model can also be exported to different model languages.


SafeFS is a software-defined file system based on a modular architecture featuring stackable layers that can be combined to construct a secure distributed file system. SafeFS allows users to specialize their data store to their specific needs by choosing the combination of layers that provide the best safety and performance tradeoffs. The prototype is implemented in user space using FUSE The provided layers include mechanisms based on encryption, replication, and coding.

SmellSheet Detective

SmellSheet Detective is a tool to find bad smells in spreadsheets.

UBlog Benchmark

UBlog is a performance evaluation toolkit that mimics the usage of the Twitter social network. The workload may be used with both key-value stores and relational databases. 

uCat - Use Case Analysis Tool

A tool which supports the rapid prototyping of software, based in user requirements. 


VooDooM transforms VDM-SL datatype specifications to obtain an equivalent relational representation. This relational representation can be exported as VDM-SL datatypes or translated to SQL table definitions.