Researcher of HASLab concludes his PhD

Rui Pereira defended his doctoral thesis entitiled “Energyware Engineering: Techniques and Tools for Green Software Development”. The researcher received an unanimous evaluation of “very good” from the jury.

Ricardo Gonçalves concludes his PhD

Ricardo Gonçalves defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Multi-Value Distributed Key-Value Stores”. The researcher received a unanimous evaluation of “good” from the jury.

SafeCloud European project ended with excellent assessment

On 27 September, it took place the third and final assessment by the European Commission on the SafeCloud project. The project is a work led by INESC TEC's High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab). With an investment of over EUR three million, this project focuses on the area of the infrastructures in the cloud, that despite its advantages, still present several challenges of safety, privacy and integrity in the data storage and processing.