Company CLEARSY visits the High-Assurance Software Laboratory

Thierry Lecomte, R&D projects Director at  CLEARSY Systems Engineering, visited the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) in Braga and INESC TEC's headquarters, in Porto, between 6 and 7 March.

CLEARSY Systems Engineering is a company in the area of the application of formal methods to safety critical systems, especially in autonomous railway vehicles. Its solutions are based on certified hardware and verified software by using the B-mode formal method, which is used on the specification and development of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

On the first day, Thierry Lecomte's visit was marked by a hands-on workshop entitled "Safety Critical Application Development with Secure Hardware and Formal Methods", at HASLab, where the CLEARSY Safety Platform was presented. It is a platform that intends to facilitate the development and the implementation of safety critical applications. All participants had the opportunity to try out the hardware and to practice in the development environment. In the end, Thierry Lecomte also visited the research teams of HASLab. 

During his visit to INESC TEC, in Porto, which was held on 7 March, Thierry Lecomte gave a lecture on “Formal Methods Software Development and Safety Critical Systems”, which was attended by several researchers from the institution. Next, he also proceed to visit some of INESC TEC'S research centres.