CoLAB VORTEX was offically launched and has INESC TEC as a partner

It was under the conferences PERIN 2019 “+ Ciência, + Europa” that took place the presentation session of the Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) VORTEX in Cyber-Physical systems and Cyber Security, having INESC TEC as one of its partners and with the participation ensured by the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab). Promoted by ALTRAN, this session took place on 22 March and had a round table in which participated João Claro, INESC TEC's Chief Executive Officer, alongside other partners of the project.

The CoLAB VORTEX is an acceleration and technology transfer centre of cyber-physical systems and cyber security that intends to assert itself as a European reference in the services market for the design of new devices. According to the leader of the laboratory, ALTRAN, this laboratory “intends to create a collaborative ecosystem between research centres, startups and industrial leaders, expects them to explore emerging technologies and to apply them in the development of new products that answer the challenges of the market”.

The commitment of VORTEX is to invest in annual acceleration programs, focused on improving the level of technological maturity of the new research results that come from the scientific partners and that demonstrate their applicability in new industrial products. One of the main results is to create qualified jobs, transfer of knowledge and the co-creation of new products for different societal sectors.

Besides ALTRAN and INESC TEC, this project had CISTER - ISEP, NOVA LINCS - FCT/UNL and Beta-I as partners. The initiative starts in 2019 with 10 collaborators distributed by the different partners, but until 2022 more qualified people will be employed.

The conferences PERIN 2019 “+ Ciência, + Europa” started on 20 March and will run until 12 April aiming at presenting the network “PERIN - Portugal in Europe Research and Innovation Network” to the Portuguese innovation ecosystem. This network aims at reinforcing the participation of Portugal in the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the “Horizon Europe”, as well as enabling the implementation of the “Innovation Strategies for Portugal in 2018-2030”.

What means CoLAB?

In order to stimulate qualified employment that adds economic and social value in Portugal, the Government decided to promote “labs” to investigate and innovate. This project known as Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) brings enterprises, universities and scientific centres together.

CoLAB intend to meet the challenge of national territory densification regarding knowledge-based activities through a growing consolidation of forms of collaboration between science and technology institutions and higher education, and economic and social fabric, mainly enterprises, hospital and healthcare system and cultural institutions and social organisations.

CoLAB rely on the cooperation of universities, I&D institutes, public administration and industry. These institutes should stimulate, directly or indirectly, qualified and scientific employment in Portugal by implementing research and innovation agenda.

Regarding the National Reform Programme of “Commitment to Science and Knowledge” Agenda, FCT alongside Portuguese National Innovation Agency (ANI), is responsible for the creation and operationalisation of Collaborative Laboratories.

From the applications to Collaborative Laboratory that are already approved, INESC TEC is leader of the CoLAB ForestWISE (ForestWISE -  Collaborative Laboratory for Forest and Fire Integrated Management) and a partner in other three, namely the CoLAB B2E (B2E  Association for the Blue Economy), the CoLAB "Vines&Wines" (through the participation at ADVID -  Association for the Development of Viticulture in the Douro Region) and the CoLAB VORTEX (Association for the Collaborative Laboratory in Cyber-Physical systems and Cyber Security).