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Technological developments in the cloud model allow for an exponential growth in the online storage of information. File sharing services such as Dropbox or Google Drive already play an important role among the users, promoting the demand for information availability and data sharing. The implementation of secure systems is strictly related to the concept of trust. In practice, data sharing systems tend to assume a weak level of trust, usually considering an adversary model that excludes the provider, reducing its usefulness for users with sensible information. On the other hand, not trusting the provider in any way is a solution that contradicts the model itself, as it forces the bulk of processing to be performed locally, and the remote server’s high performance remains unused.Therefore, the challenges in developing cloud security consist in adapting the trust level, balancing performance, security and functionality. This thesis proposes an analysis of the current security and its alternative solutions, as well as an implementation of a secure file sharing system. These initial objectives consist on both a theoretical and practical approach to the subject, identifying the problems, presenting alternatives and testing their viability. Finally, the implemented system is to apply the solutions previously evaluated on a practical perspective, followed by a security validation that allows for comparison with modern systems.