Research Projects

All R&D activities are either framed within national and European programmes with academic and industrial partners, or developed for direct contracting by companies.

The scientific contributions of HASLab are often published in the most prestigious publications of its areas of intervention and rewarded with great societal impact, in particular the two IBM Portugal prizes awarded to researchers of the unit.

Because research at HASLab is focused on the non-functional characteristics, rather than the functionality of computer applications, results almost always apply to the design and development phases of applications, or constitute the structure and core systems. Although rarely visible, in the literal sense, such results are important and have a great impact on critical systems.

Start Date Acronym Name
June, 2010 SMART Secure memories and applications related technologies
May, 2010 CLOUD COMPUTING Armazenamento de dados escalável em cloud computing
May, 2010 SSAAPP Spreadsheets as a programming paradigm
April, 2010 CASTOR Causality tracking for optimistic replication in dynamic distributed systems
April, 2010 RED Resilient database clusters
March, 2010 CROSS An infrastructure for certification and re-engineering of open source software
March, 2010 MONDRIAN Foundations for architectural design
February, 2010 FAVAS A formal verification platform for real-time systems
February, 2010 GWS Global weighing solution
January, 2010 DATAPEERS Test data generator
January, 2010 Strictification of circular programs
January, 2009 MATHIS Reinvigorating mathematics for the information society
October, 2008 STORK Secure identity across borders linked
September, 2008 DC2MS Dependable cloud computing management services
July, 2008 INPACT Integrated engineering tools for protection, automation and control systems
June, 2008 EVOLVE Evolutionary verification, validation and certification
January, 2008 CACE Computer aided cryptographic engineering
January, 2008 PASTRAMY Persistent and highly available software transactional memory
January, 2008 PROTUNF Searching for high level rules in protein folding and unfolding: from amyloid diseases to protein structure prediction
January, 2008 RESCUE Reliable and safe code execution for embedded systems