Projects TRUST and DaLí have kicked off

This month the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) - R&D centre of INESC TEC and Teaching and Research subunit of the University of Minho - has initiated two new projects in the areas of Software Engineering. In total, the TRUST and DaLí projects will receive over 250 thousand euros in funding¹.

HASLab organized 3rd edition of Open Day and launches SafeCloud Photos

The High-Assurance Software Laboratory of INESC TEC - Teaching and Research subunit of UMinho - organized the third edition of Open Day HASLab on 8 September and launched the SafeCloud Photos. The event was attended by over 70 participants and focused on the theme "Software Quality".

HASLab participates in Summer on Campus 2016

Computer Science without Borders is the name of the activity mainly organised by HASLab researchers that promote the areas of Informatics and Computer Science at the 9th edition of the Summer on Campus of the University of Minho. 24 vacancies, 24 registered.