HASLab researcher receives silver medal in the ACM Student Research Competition at ICSE 2017

Rui Pereira, a doctoral student of HASLab, reached the second place in the ACM Student Research Competition at ICSE 2017, with the article "Locating energy hotspots in source code".

Article about deeply flexible filesystem receives Best Student Paper Award

The article entitled “SafeFS: A modular architecture for secure user-space file systems (one FUSE to rule them all)”, conceived as part of the European SafeCloud project, received the Best Student Paper Award in the 10th ACM International Systems and Storage Conference (Systor).

The European project LeanBigData comes to an end with excellent evaluation

The European project LeanBigData (Ultra-Scalable and Ultra-Efficient Integrated and Visual Big Data Analytics), where INESC TEC was one of the partners, represented by the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) and the Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics  (CSIG), was concluded last month with an excellent evaluation from the European Commission, which stated that the consortium has developed very good scientific work with excellent results. The final evaluation took place in March in Madrid, Spain.