Conference Proceedings

Bliudze S, Bruni R, Bruni R, Carbone M, Silva A.  2012.  Towards Interaction Reliability in Concurrent Applications. Scientific Annals of Computer Science. 22:1-4. Abstractxxii1_0.pdf

Developing trustworthy concurrent applications is a seemingly never ending quest, which is necessary but dicult. It is necessary because mainstream systems and applications are inherently concurrent and they are pervasive to our daily life activities. It is dicult because such systems are inherently interactive and heterogeneous, so that boundaries can hardly be established for studying subsystems in isolation.
Formal methods are a key instrument in resolving ambiguities and design reliable applications in a rigorous way. The authors overview major problems in the application of formal methods and outline how they are tackled by the papers collected in this volume.

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The authors emphasize the actual relevance and need of formal methods for the advancements of complex systems, and brie y present the other papers contained in this issue.

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