Quantitative Analysis of Reo- Based Service Coordination

Silva A, Oliveira N, Barbosa LS.  2014.  Quantitative Analysis of Reo- Based Service Coordination. SAC - 29th Symposium On Applied Computing.

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Quality of Service analysis of composed software systems is an active research area, with the goal of evaluating and improving performance and resource allocation in serviceoriented applications, namely, in the glue code –coordination layer– of such systems. Stochastic Reo offers constructs for
service coordination and allows the specification of stochastic values for channels. But its state-of-the-art semantic models fail in several (important) ways. In this paper, we will see how Interactive Markov chains (IMC), proposed as astochastic compositional model of concurrency, can be effectively used to serve as a compositional semantic model for Stochastic Reo. Treating IMC as a direct semantic model, gives rise to more faithful models and has obvious efficiency advantages. Moreover, tool support that exists for IMC is made available, without significant effort, to verify and reason about the coordination layer modelled as Reo connectors.

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