Vitor is a PhD student under the MAP-i doctoral programme, developing his research at the Cryptography team of HASLab | INESC TEC.

He graduated in Computer Science at University of Beira Interior in 2013, where he started his contact with Cryptography, mainly in the field of Homomorphic Encryption.

In 2015, he completed his Master degree at University of Minho in Computer Science, where he specialised himself in Formal Methods in Software Engineering and in Cryptography. During the lecture year, he developed two cohesive projects: one in cooperation with Galois, where he explored post-quantum cryptographic algorithms in Cryptol, and one where he used a verification tool specific to the domain of Cryptography (EasyCrypt) to prove properties over probabilistic programs. 

His master thesis - "A deductive verification tool for cryptographic software" - focused on the construction of a deductive verification tool for the CAO language using the EasyCrypt toolset as a backend for the tool.

His research interests are focused in Cryptography and on how to apply Formal Methods in the verification of cryptographic primitives. In particular, he am interested in the verifiable security and in the provable security topics.