Research Projects

All R&D activities are either framed within national and European programmes with academic and industrial partners, or developed for direct contracting by companies.

The scientific contributions of HASLab are often published in the most prestigious publications of its areas of intervention and rewarded with great societal impact, in particular the two IBM Portugal prizes awarded to researchers of the unit.

Because research at HASLab is focused on the non-functional characteristics, rather than the functionality of computer applications, results almost always apply to the design and development phases of applications, or constitute the structure and core systems. Although rarely visible, in the literal sense, such results are important and have a great impact on critical systems.

Start Date Acronym Name
September, 2013 PAAS
July, 2013 NASONI Heterogenous software coordination (foundations, methods, tools)
January, 2013 BEST CASE - RL3 Network sensing for critical systems monitoring
January, 2013 BEST CASE - RL4 Cooperation and perception for augmented autonomy
January, 2013 BEST CASE - RL5 Smartgrids
January, 2013 BEST CASE - RL8 Languages and tools for critical real time systems
September, 2012 Minha A middleware testing and evaluation platform
June, 2012 PROVA Platform for software verification and validation
May, 2012 AVIACC Analysis and verification of critical concurrent programs
April, 2012 AUTOSEER Automated test oracles for software error detection
April, 2012 PBGT Pattern based gui testing
April, 2012 QAIS Quantitative analysis of interacting systems: foundations and algorithms
March, 2012 CLOUD
March, 2012 FATBIT Foundations, applications and tools for bidirectional transformation
June, 2011 ETASP Eurotux Application Server Platform
June, 2011 WEB2ECONOMY Criação de plataforma editorial web 2.0
May, 2011 Uma abordagem genérica e evolutiva para o aproveitamento de bases de armazenamento de tuplos
April, 2011 PTINFSEC Confiabilidade na segurança da informação
March, 2011 STRATUS Uma abordagem em camadas para a gestão de dados em cloud computing
February, 2011 APEX Agile prototyping for user experience