Research Projects

All R&D activities are either framed within national and European programmes with academic and industrial partners, or developed for direct contracting by companies.

The scientific contributions of HASLab are often published in the most prestigious publications of its areas of intervention and rewarded with great societal impact, in particular the two IBM Portugal prizes awarded to researchers of the unit.

Because research at HASLab is focused on the non-functional characteristics, rather than the functionality of computer applications, results almost always apply to the design and development phases of applications, or constitute the structure and core systems. Although rarely visible, in the literal sense, such results are important and have a great impact on critical systems.

Start Date Acronym Name
January, 2017 InteGrid
January, 2017 LightKone Lightweight Computation for Networks at the Edge
December, 2016 CloudDBAppliance European Cloud In-Memory Database Appliance with Predictable Performance for Critical Applications
July, 2016 DaLí Dynamic logics for cyberphysical systems: towards contract based design
July, 2016 GSL GreenSoftwareLab: Computação Verde como uma Disciplina de Engenharia
July, 2016 TRUST Trustworthy Software Design with Alloy
June, 2016 SIEPIP-1 Pré-LAI em Sistemas Inteligentes para Exploração e Produção na Indústria Petrolífera
January, 2016 CORAL - TOOLS - 7 Sustainable Ocean Exploitation: Tools and Sensors
January, 2016 GreenSE Towards a Software Engineering Discipline for Green Software
September, 2015 SafeCloud Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture
July, 2015 NanoStima -RL1-4 | RL 3-4 Macro-to-Nano Human Sensing: Towards Integrated Multimodal Health Monitoring and Analytics
July, 2015 TEC4Growth - RL SMILES Smart, Mobile, Intelligent and Large scale Sensing and analytics
February, 2015 UPGRID -2 Real proven solutions to enable active demand and distributed generation flexible integration, through a fully controllable LOW Voltage and medium voltage distribution grid
December, 2014 PaaS2 Gestão integrada de serviços PaaS-Gpaas-II
February, 2014 LeanBigData Ultra-scalable and ultra-efficient integrated and visual big data analytics
January, 2014 OSSAAS Operations support systems as a service
January, 2014 vCardID-3 Solução nacional para identificação biométrica através de impressões digitais
November, 2013 PRACTICE Privacy-enhanced and secure computations on potentially malicious clouds
October, 2013 CoherentPaaS A coherent and rich paas? With a common programming model
September, 2013 GREENSSCM Framework de poupança de energia para software aeroespacial