A Methodology for Visual Exploration of Association Models

Jorge AM, Poças J, Azevedo PJ.  2008.  A Methodology for Visual Exploration of Association Models. Visual Data Mining: Theory, Techniques and Tools for Visual Analytics.


Visualization in data mining is typically related to data exploration. In this chapter we present a methodology for the post processing and visualization of association rule models. One aim is to provide the user with a tool that enables the exploration of a large set of association rules. The method is inspired by the hypertext metaphor. The initial set of rules is dynamically divided into small comprehensible sets or pages, according to the interest of the user. From each set, the user can move to other sets by choosing one appropriate operator. The set of available operators transform sets of rules into sets of rules, allowing focusing on interesting regions of the rule space. Each set of rules can also be then seen with different graphical representations. The tool is web-based and dynamically generates SVG pages to represent graphics. Association rules are given in PMML format.

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