PhD student at HASLab/INESC TEC. Research interests: cryptography, mathematics, software, and security more generally.

Elaborating a bit more, I am an Informatics Engineer by training. After about 7 years in industry, I enrolled in the University of Minho, where I completed my Masters in 2015, with the dissertation "Towards a fully algebrisable Symmetric Cryptosystem".

I am currently a doctoral student under the MAP-i Doctoral Programme, focusing on how to leverage the algebraic descriptions of cryptographic primitives in order to improve the way one reasons about their security. This can be seen as a continuation of my Masters work, where the "cryptographic primitives" were mainly symmetric ciphers.

The easiest way to reach me is email to my first name (plain ASCII) at di dot uminho dot pt. Please keep in mind that response time might be an exponential function of message length---specially if I don't know you! Also, please be considerate and avoid sending either HTML email or proprietary attachments. Thanks!

For more information, please consult either my CV (click the BIO tab above, you haven't done so already), or my less institutional homepage.