HASLab's objective is to conduct multidisciplinary R&D activities in Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, and Cryptography and Information Security to provide a sustainable path towards this goal.

The overarching objectives of HASLab are to consolidate itself as an internationally recognized research lab on high-assurance software as well as strengthen its regional impact by focusing on the design, development, and deployment of high assurance in software.

These translate into the following specific goals:

Software Engineering – Develop research in methods, techniques and tools for rigorous software development that can be applied to the internal functionality of a component, its composition with other components, as well as the interaction with the user.

Distributed Systems -Improve the reliability and scalability of the software components by exploring properties inherent to the distribution and replication of computer systems.

Cryptography and Information Security - Minimize the vulnerability of each software component from hostile attacks to computer systems by providing them with structures and cryptographic protocols, whose security properties are formally proven.