League of Legends uses components investigated by HASLab

League of Legends, one of the most important online games, has migrated to the Riak 2.0 database. This new version uses components developed in HASLab’s investigation, in particular CRDTs, or in other words, types of commutative replicated data and Dotted Version Vectors.

HASLab receives Best Paper Award in SBCARS

The article "A self-adaptation strategy for service-based architectures" by Nuno Oliveira, PhD student of HASLab, and Luis Soares Barbosa, researcher in the same research center, was awarded with the Best Paper Award at the Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures and Reuse - SBCARS.

HASLab doctoral thesis presents a technique that eases implementation of programs

Pedro Martins, the most recent HASLab doctorate, presents, in his doctoral thesis, defended in July this year, a technique that facilitates the work of the programmer during the implementation of programs.

Rui Maranhão receives two Best Papers Awards

Rui Maranhão, HASLab investigator, receives two Best Papers Awards at the 25th edition of the International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis." An efficient distributed algorithm for computing minimal hitting sets" and "Sensitivity analysis of spectrum- based fault localization for multi-agent systems" are the two award-winning publications.

HASLab researcher will be teaching at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Jácome Cunha, reseacher in HASLab, will teach at NOVA (UNL), this year at the Computer Engineering degree.

Article of HASLab at the ACM Computing Surveys International Journal

The article entitled "A survey and classification of deduplication storage systems" written by João Paulo and José Pereira, researchers at HASLab, was accepted for publication in the international journal ACM Computing Surveys, a journal with the highest impact in the field of Computer Science.

ASE 2014 accepts the publication of HASLab

The publication "Continuous Test Generation: Enhancing Continuous" of Rui Maranhão, one of the researchers at HASLab, in collaboration with researchers at Simula Research Laboratory and U.Sheffield was recently accepted at ASE 2014 - International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, one of the most important conference in the area of Software Engineering.

IBM 2013 Scientific Prize Ceremony

Alexandre Madeira, investigator of HASLab / INESC TEC receives the IBM Portugal 2013 Scientific Prize on 23th of September, at 9:30 am in Tomar.

HASLab/INESC TEC investigator wins the Scientific Prize IBM Portugal

Alexander Madeira, a researcher at the High-assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) of INESC TEC, won the Scientific Prize IBM Portugal 2013 with the project " Logic Hybridization : a generic approach to software reconfigurability".