HASLab completes masters thesis defense phase

HASLab ended last week, the second and last series of defenses of Master thesis. Pedro Guimarães, Diogo Almeida, and Marco Dinis were the last students to defend their theses, which had already been hand over in 2014.

INESC TEC receives the "Excellent" evaluation from FCT

The second phase of the evaluation results of the Portuguese National Funding Agency for Science (FCT), released yesterday afternoon, attributed to INESC TEC an "Excellent" review among 322 evaluated Portuguese research units.

HASLab ends the year 2014 with a master’s theses average of 18

The High-assurance Software Laboratory reaches the end of year 2014 with an average of 18 in 10 Master's theses presented during this month, in the Computer Engineering Masters degree.

Tweet of Carlos Baquero chosen by Nature

A tweet of only 140 characters by Carlos Baquero, HASLab researcher, was chosen in the latest version of Nature, a weekly Journal of International Science.

Nuno Macedo investigates bidirectional transformations as a way to improve the creation of model-driven software

Nuno Macedo, the latest HASLab Doctorate, discovers, in his PhD thesis, the best way to develop bidirectional transformations and, therefore, improve the creation of model-driven software.

HASLab research allows the optimization of the computer resources consumption

The article "Scaling up Publish / Subscribe Overlays using Interest Correlation for Link Sharing" written by Miguel Matos, Rui Oliveira, José Pereira, HASLab researchers, Pascal Felber and Emmanuel Rivière proposes an approach that enhances the connections between computer users and their common interests.

HASLab develops a tool that allows to generate efficient implementations of cryptographic algorithms

The High-assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) presents a tool that allows the creation of implementations of cryptographic components, thereby reducing the probability of errors in the translation of the specifications.

HASLab dicovers a technique that amplifies the resistance of critical components to the computer system's security

The article "The Related-Key Analysis of Feistel Constructions", of Manuel Barbosa, HASLab researcher and Pooya Farshim presents a change in the building technique of “block ciphers", able to increase the efficiency of construction and simultaneously its resistance to intrusive attacks.

9livesdata uses HASLab article to set its name apart in market

The software company 9LivesData, located in Poland, uses classification and nomenclature presented in the article "A survey and classification of storage deduplication systems" written by João Paulo and José Pereira, HASLab researchers.

Crowbar project wins Startup Pitch Day of UPTEC

The Crowbar project, which Rui Maranhão, HASLab member, is part of, won the third edition of the Startup Pitch Day belonging to the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto. The Crowbar presents a computing solution that reduces up to 75% the amount of time spent on software debugging.