HASLab has a team of highly qualified and motivated researchers able to work in unison to achieve the Centre's objectives. The mission of HASLab is to investigate, research and disseminate its knowledge, focusing on its software reliability, in other words, property that can only be achieved through a global approach and integrating traditionally disjoint areas of knowledge.

HASLab thus conducts research on three pillars of Information Technology: Software Engineering, Distributed Systems and Cryptography and Information Security. The High-Assurance Software Laboratory believes that the level of maturity of information today allows an integrated and comprehensive approach to its prosecution. By combining the three areas, HASLab denotes a recognized competitiveness in research and development of reliable software.

Eager to exceed its own capabilities, HASLab searches every day for excellence in all its operation strands. HASLab therefore wants to be a mark of excellence in research and design its research towards an international panorama.