I am a postdoct at HASLab INESCTEC & University of Minho. Currently, I am working mainly on variability (software product line engineering) and interaction for cyber-physical systems, considering various aspects such as real-time, failure detection and recovery, and modularity, among others.

I have a PhD degree in computer science from the University of Minho under the MAP-i programe. The aim of the thesis was to advance the state of the art in software modelling and developing tools for the rapid development of integrated digital services, particularly in the context of smart cities.

Previously, I graduated from a 5 year + thesis Licenciado degree in computer science at Universidad Nacional del Sur, in Argentina.

My current research interests include: modelling and verification of software product lines; exogenous coordination; and all of them applied to cyber-physical systems.

To see some software development projects where I participate, please check my github.

Full CV here