I am Associate Professor with Habilitation at the Informatics Department of University of Minho and researcher at HASLab/INESC TEC.
Since October 2016 I am serving as Head ad interim of UNU-EGOV, the United Nations University Operating Unit on Policy-driven Electronic Governance.


Software tecnology is pre-scientific in its lack of sound mathematical foundations to provide an effective basis to predict and certify programs' behaviour. Compared to other Engineering disciplines, we are somewhere in the 17th century. My research aims at improving scientific standards, seeking rigour and simplicity in software design and architecture through Mathematics.


* Program semantics and calculi applied to systems understanding and rigorous software construction
* Software components, services and architectures (Composition, reconfiguration and verification)
* Coalgebra theory
* Modal and hybrid logics.


* SmartEGOV Project (P2020 NORTE-45-2015-23: Harnessing EGOV for smart governance: Foundations and tools, since May, 2016)

* DALÍ Project (FCT: Dynamic logics for cyberphysical systems, since July 2016)

* TRUST Project (FCT: Trustworthy Software Design with Alloy, since July 2016)

* NASONI Project (FCT: Heterogeneous software coordination: Foundations, methods, tools, 2013-15)

* QAIS (Quantitative analysis of interacting systems: foundations and algorithms, 2012-15)

* MONDRIAN  (Foundations for architectural design , 2010-13)

* CROSS ( An Infrastructure for Certification and Re-engineerng of Open Source Software, 2010-12)

* MathIS  (Reinvigorating Mathematics for the Information Society, 2009-12)

Further information available at


* Post-doc: Alexandre Madeira, since July 2015, on dynamic logics on-demand (FCT post-doc grant)

* Post-doc: José Proença, since February 2013, on adpatable coordination (FCT post-doc grant)

* Post-doc: Nuno Carvalho, since February 2015, on modelling and validation of normative text   (UNU post-doc grant).

* PhD: Daniel Figueiredo on "Logic foundations and computational tools for synthetic biology " (Set, 2016)

* PhD: Leandro Gomes on "Contracts on-demand" (Set, 2016)

* PhD: Carlos Tavares on "Foundations for quantum algorithms and complexity" (Oct, 2015, FCT grant)

* PhD: Renato Neves on "Logics and Calculi for Cyber–Physical Components" (Set, 2014, FCT grant)

* PhD: Guillermina Cledou on "A virtual factory for smart city service integration" (Set, 2014, FCT grant)

* PhD: Sara Fernandes, on "Peer-production and technology-enhanced collaborative teaching and learning" (Sep, 2012)

* PhD: Alejandro Sanchez,   on "A calculus of architectural patterns" (Mar, 2010, UNSL external)