Logic-based schedulability analysis for compositional hard real-time embedded systems

Pinto JS, Pedro AM, Pereira D, Pinho LM.  2015.  Logic-based schedulability analysis for compositional hard real-time embedded systems.


Over the past decades several approaches for schedu- lability analysis have been proposed for both uniprocessor and multi-processor real-time systems. Although different techniques are employed, very little has been put forward in using formal specifications, with the consequent possibility for misinterpretations or ambiguities in the problem statement. Using a logic based approach to schedulability analysis in the design of hard real-time systems eases the synthesis of correct-by- construction procedures for both static and dynamic verification processes. In this paper we propose a novel approach to schedulability analysis based on a timed temporal logic with time durations. Our approach subsumes classical methods for uniprocessor scheduling analysis over compositional resource models by providing the developer with counter-examples, and by ruling out schedules that cause unsafe violations on the system. We also provide an example showing the effectiveness of our proposal.

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