Type-safe two-level data transformation

Cunha A, Oliveira JN, Visser J.  2006.  Type-safe two-level data transformation . FM 2006: Formal Methods. 4085:284-299.

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A two-level data transformation consists of a type-level transformation of a data format coupled with value-level transformations of data instances corresponding to that format. Examples of two-level data transformations include XML schema evolution coupled with document migration, and data mappings used for interoperability and persistence.
We provide a formal treatment of two-level data transformations that is type-safe in the sense that the well-formedness of the value-level transformations with respect to the type-level transformation is guarded by a strong type system. We rely on various techniques for generic functional programming to implement the formalization in Haskell.
The formalization addresses various two-level transformation scenarios, covering fully automated as well as user-driven transformations, and allowing transformations that are information-preserving or not. In each case, two-level transformations are disciplined by one-step transformation rules and type-level transformations induce value-level transformations. We demonstrate an example hierarchical-relational mapping and subsequent migration of relational data induced by hierarchical format evolution.


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