Pointfree Factorization of Operation Refinement

Oliveira JN, Rodrigues C.  2006.  Pointfree Factorization of Operation Refinement. FM - Formal Methods 2006 . 4085:236–251.

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The standard operation refinement ordering is a kind of “meet of op- posites”: non-determinism reduction suggests “smaller” behaviour while increase of definition suggests “larger” behaviour. Groves’ factorization of this ordering into two simpler relations, one per refinement concern, makes it more mathe- matically tractable but is far from fully exploited in the literature. We present a pointfree theory for this factorization which is more agile and calculational than the standard set-theoretic approach. In particular, we show that factorization leads to a simple proof of structural refinement for arbitrary parametric types and ex- ploit factor instantiation across different subclasses of (relational) operation. The prospect of generalizing the factorization to coalgebraic refinement is discussed.

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