An infrastructure for experience centered agile prototyping of ambient intelligence

Silva JL, Campos JC, Harrison M.  2009.  An infrastructure for experience centered agile prototyping of ambient intelligence. ACM Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS 2009). :79-84. copy at

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Ubiquitous computing poses new usability challenges that cut across design and development. We are particularly interested in "spaces" enhanced with sensors, public displays and personal devices. How can prototypes be used to explore the user's mobility and interaction, both explicitly and implicitly, to access services within these environments? Because of the potential cost of development and design failure, the characteristics of such systems must be explored using early versions of the system that could disrupt if used in the target environment. Being able to evaluate these systems early in the process is crucial to their successful development. This paper reports on an effort to develop a framework for the rapid prototyping and analysis of ambient intelligence systems.

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