An empirical study on immersive prototyping dimensions

Moreira S, José R, Campos JC.  2013.  An empirical study on immersive prototyping dimensions. Human-Computer Interaction: Human-Centred Design Approaches, Methods, Tools and Environments - HCI. 8004:421-430. copy at

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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Many aspects of the human experience of ubiquitous computing in built environments must be explored in the context of the target environment. However, delaying evaluation until a version of the system can be deployed can make redesign too costly. Prototypes have the potential to solve this problem by enabling evaluation before actual deployment. This paper presents a study of the design space of immersive prototyping for ubiquitous computing. It provides a framework to guide the alignment between speci c evaluation goals and speci c prototype properties. The goal is to understand the potential added-value of 3D simulation as a prototyping tool in the development process of ubiquitous computing environments.


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