The APEX framework: prototyping of ubiquitous environments based on Petri nets

Silva JL, Ribeiro O, Fernandes JP, Campos JC, Harrison M.  2010.  The APEX framework: prototyping of ubiquitous environments based on Petri nets. Human-Centred Software Engineering - HCSE. 6409:6-21. copy at

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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The user experience of ubiquitous environments is a determining factor in their success. The characteristics of such systems must be explored as early as possible to anticipate potential user problems, and to reduce the cost of redesign. However, the development of early prototypes to be evaluated in the target environment can be disruptive to the ongoing system and therefore unacceptable. This paper reports on an ongoing effort to explore how model-based rapid prototyping of ubiquitous environments might be used to avoid actual deployment while still enabling users to interact with a representation of the system. The paper describes APEX, a framework that brings together an existing 3D Application Server with CPN Tools. APEX-based prototypes enable users to navigate a virtual world simulation of the envisaged ubiquitous environment. The APEX architecture and the proposed CPN-based modelling approach are described. An example illustrates their use.

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