Introducing Aggregation Functions


By Regivan Hugo Nunes Santiago, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Many applications require functions which return a representation (in some sense) of input data. Some of them are organized in a single theory called: Theory of Aggregation Functions. In this talk, we present such theory and how some known and not so known families of functions are captured by such theory. We show how some known means can be described in a parametric way by the so-called OWA functions and how they can be generalized by dynamic weights. Notions like Mixture functions and Choquet Integrals is also presented.

About the Speaker:
Since 1993, I investigate the application of Lattices, Topology, Algebra and Non-classical logics to the foundation of Interval Computations. Recently, my research includes the application of Interval Mathematics in some fields of Computer Science: e.g. the extension of Fuzzy logics and the application intervals and Non-classical logics to the field of Image Processing. With the inclusion of Fuzzy Sets in my research I also became interested in Fuzzy Logics and Its Applications, like: Computational Intelligence, Fuzzy Mathematics (Fuzzy Topology, Fuzzy Algebra, etc).


Address:  University of Minho, Gualtar Campus, Braga, Portugal

Building: Departamento de Informatica, Building 07

Networking Session: 01:45 PM, Auditorium A1, Ground floor

Talk Session: 02:00 PM, Auditorium A1, Ground floor