About InfoBlender

InfoBlender is a periodic seminar organised by HASLab. It aims at gathering people from academia and industry, as well as the general public, to present and discuss interesting ideas, publications, work in progress,  rehearsal talks, etc. InfoBlender helps to tighten the gaps between different research areas and groups, especially those of HASLab, by blending their diverse information, hence the name InfoBlender.


InfoBlender seminars are usually held after lunch time. However, different times are possible depending on the case.


InfoBlender is held at the Departamento de Informatica, University of Minho, Gualtar Campus. You can reach the department by following the indications here.

The networking session and talk session usually take place at the auditorium of the 1st floor (Auditorium A2), but this is sometimes subject to change.

Past Seminars

InfoBlender is a descendant of the following past HASLab seminars:


Paula Rodrigues

Departamento de Informática
Campus de Gualtar

4710-057 Braga