Thursday, October 27, 2016, 10:00am
Title: Elastic Cloud Applications Tradeoffs

Jury: António Luís Sousa - President

        Afrânio Correia | Oracle Corporation - Examiner

        Miguel Ângelo Matos - Supervisor

Abstract: Cloud computing is a widely adopted model for the management of computing resources. Elasticity, an important characteristic of cloud computing, is the ability to allocate and release computing resources according to demand. An elasticity controller has the re- sponsibility of performing decisions regarding when resources are provisioned or released and which types of resource are necessary. Developers have expectations of allocating the least amount of resources required and reaching optimal states using the least number of costly actions. Therefore, the task of controlling elasticity is challenging, especially in cases where the elastic application is composed of components with complex dependencies among themselves. In this documentation, we introduce CEController, an elasticity controller for applica- tions orchestrated with Cloudify. CEController introduces a novel elasticity strategy that takes into account dependencies between components and differences between metric di- mensions. CEcontroller is evaluated in an environment created to test the controller, which includes the adaptation of a previously used application, and use of a load generation tool. Finally, we discuss the results obtained using CEController in a web application and discuss the results.

Location: DI A2