Francisco Cruz was born in Portugal (1986), has a B.Sc. (2007), an M.Sc. (2009), and PhD (2016) by the University of Minho and is currently postdoctoral researcher at INESC TEC.

During his M.Sc. he started working at HASLab/ INESC TEC, at the University of Minho, on the HPLabs Innovation Research Award funded project DC2MS - Dependable Cloud Computing Management Services (DC2MS - IRA/CW118736). During this time, his research focused on Cloud Computing environments, more specifically on the new NoSQL data stores. At the same time, he worked on his master thesis, entitled SocialSeer, revolved around metadata sharing and suggestion of data in dropbox like systems.

In his Ph.D work his research shifted towards providing a SQL interface to NoSQL data stores as well as how to improve their elasticity and performance.