Two members of HASLab conclude master’s degrees

Luís Miguel Pinto and Tiago Loureiro, researchers at HASLab, defended their master's dissertations last week, both receiving a final mark of 17 (on a scale of 0 to 20).

Luís Miguel Pinto, with his dissertation titled "TOM Framework: A model-based testing tool for web graphic interfaces", developed a TOM Framework, which aims to automate and facilitate the creation of system models that are later used to generate Executable tests on the graphical interface to be tested. In addition, capturing and interpreting the user's interaction with the web application was one of the challenges of his work.

This dissertation, which started in October 2015, contributed to a reduction of costs, since the models of the system can now be built more quickly and without errors. Luís Miguel Pinto admits that in the future he plans to use some of the techniques applied in this research.

Tiago Loureiro, with the dissertation "The framework for architectural design and simulation of hybrid systems", has built a hybrid systems simulation tool, that is, systems that exhibit both discrete and continuous behaviors, as well as complex systems with dependencies, using various specification methods and other existing solutions. For Tiago Loureiro, this dissertation "allowed me to try new challenges".