Rui Lima concludes his PhD

Rui Lima defended last month his doctoral thesis entitled “Broadcast Cancellation in Unstructured Networks” and was approved with a unanimous evaluation from the jury.

Nowadays, small intelligent devices with integrated wireless technologies are ubiquitously embed into the real world environment, cooperating in a distributed system and increasing the support for the materialization of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. However, state-of-the-art multi-hop broadcast communications rely on flooding mechanisms, which do not cope well with energy issues of battery-powered devices.

Our main contribution, named broadcast cancellation, provides a distributed approach to cancel multi-hop broadcasts. In particular, studying the cancellation issues and discussing solutions using chasing packets, stochastic data structures and gradient approaches for hybrid search mechanisms. Experimental results show that broadcast cancellation outperforms the competitive alternatives, balancing the trade-off among latency and energy efficiency.

The jury was composed by Fernando Manuel Augusto da Silva, Filipe João Boavida de Mendonça Machado de Araújo, Hugo Alexandre Tavares Miranda, Ricardo Santos Morla, Sérgio Marco Duarte, and Helena Cristina Coutinho Duarte.