Rui Couto is the latest PhD holder of HASLab doctoral degree

Rui Couto defended his doctoral thesis last week, entitled "Pattern Based Software Development", and was unanimously evaluated by the members of the jury with "very good".

The work developed in this thesis consists of a framework that extends the approaches based on models (MDA), until the requirements models. As the software development based on requirements, the Scenario Based Rapid Software Prototyping (SCARP) approach uses requirements models to generate architectural models in a semi-automated way. Therefore, it is possible to generate code (for both business logic and user interfaces), from requirements. In this thesis, the uCat tool (Use Cases Analysis Tool) was developed. This tool supports the whole process, and was at the same time essential for its validation.

In addition, the focus of the work developed in this research aims to improve software development processes by extending a well-established model-based software development approaches. This way, users of the approach can speed up the development process, quickly obtaining prototypes only on the basis of a set of requirements, and based on domain information.

Thus, the main impact is a new process whereby requirements have not only a central role in software development, but also to be directly used. Another result of this approach is an improvement in the assurance that the software generated will conform to the specifications, since they are the starting point for the generation process.