Ricardo Gonçalves concludes his PhD

Ricardo Gonçalves defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Multi-Value Distributed Key-Value Stores”. The researcher received a unanimous evaluation of “good” from the jury.

This thesis studies highly available databases. In other words, databases that never fail to write data. This property is crucial for client facing systems where every second of unavailability implies missing revenue. Conflicts to the same key arise as one of the consequences of never rejecting writings and the fact that many nodes can accept a writing to the same key. . Detecting and managing those conflicts without data loss is the central contribution of this thesis.

The jury was composed of Paulo Sérgio Soares Almeida and Victor Francisco Fonte (University of Minho), Luís Rodrigues (Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon), Beatriz Santos (University of Aveiro), Nuno Preguiça (Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT NOVA), and Annette Bieniusa (University of Kaiserslautern).