Researcher of HASLab concludes his PhD

Fábio Coelho defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Towards a Transactional and Analytical Data Management System for Big Data". The researcher received an unanimous evaluation of “very good” from the jury.

The thesis of Fábio Coelho focuses on hybrid database systems, providing a unified query engine that can simultaneously cope with OLTP and OLAP workloads, without resorting to ETL. The developed prototypes will expedite the assessment and usage of hybrid database systems, speeding up the data analysis cycle.

The jury was composed of José Nuno Oliveira (University of Minho), Gabriel de Sousa Torcato David (University of Porto), Paulo Jorge Azevedo (University of Minho), Nuno Manuel dos Santos Antunes (University of Coimbra), and Patrick Valduriez (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation - INRIA).

For Fábio Coelho, the conclusion of his PhD was a very challenging and rewarding chapter of his life. In fact, the researcher took this opportunity to specially thank his colleagues and friends, without whom this work would not be possible.