Post Doctoral at HASLab/INESC TEC & University of Minho

The High Assurance Software Lab (HASLab) is an R&D unit at INESC TEC, a leading research institution in Portugal. The HASLab specialises in the rigorous development of software applications for critical systems and infrastructures, drawing on expertise in software engineering, dependable distributed systems, and cryptography and information security.

The HASLab has opened some positions for Post Doctoral researchers and for Ph.D. students, and is offering a significant number of internships to prospective Ph.D. candidates.

We are looking for Post Doctoral researchers with an excellent CV that can be integrated into the activities of HASLab — in EU and national projects — and also lead their own research projects within the group, preferably in the following areas: source code analysis, testing and verification, formal methods, large scale data management, theory of cryptography or computer and network security.

A successful Post Doctoral candidate will be offered a package that may include up to 25K EUR/Year salary, health insurance, one Ph.D. grant and one internship grant for recruitment, as well as access to the HASLab travel and equipment funding schemes. Post-doc positions may be extended until up to 5 years.

Applications can be sent by e-mail to Eligible candidates will be selected for an interview that marks the start of the recruitment process. 


Braga is the third largest metropolitan area of Portugal with less than 200k inhabitants. This makes it a calm city but also has everything you need. Foreigners in Braga argue that it is one of the best cities in Europe to live in being peaceful, cheap, and calm; the infrastructure is close to other northern Europe countries, the food is tasty and healthy, with a high quality medical services (though almost free), etc.

Communication in the public is easy as most people have basic knowledge of English or French, but the kind people here won't make you feel foreigner. Research salaries are a bit lower than other northern European countries; however, research fellows (Postdocs, PhDs, etc.) are exempted from (monthly and annual) taxes, and the residence permit costs around 35 Euros for two years; all together with the very cheap accommodation in Braga helps you even make some savings.