Jorge Mendes concludes his PhD

Jorge Mendes defended, last week, his doctoral thesis entitled " Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Model-Driven Spreadsheets", having received a unanimous evaluation of "very good" from the jury.

The thesis focuses on spreadsheets, which are omnipresent tools used by many to solve their problems. Their users are usually non-professional programmers and they are developed by the end users of the solution. Many of these end users lack the knowledge and development methodologies to allow them to create error-free spreadsheets.
In this work, a model-driven approach is used to support the development of spreadsheets. It brings a high-level language, called Tabula, to specify the logic and layout of spreadsheets and a technique to evolve both the Tabula model and the spreadsheet. 

This solution prevents some kinds of errors by restricting the user to comply to the specification and supports the lifetime of the spreadsheet through the use of bidirectional transformations. This solution was implemented by a prototype, which was used to perform empirical studies and to evaluate the approach. 

The jury was composed by José Nuno Oliveira, Eugénio Manuel Ferreira, Gabriel de Sousa David, Vasco Miguel Amaral, Jácome Miguel Cunha, and Gregor Engels.