INESC TEC’s member of the Board presents a Minho supercomputer at the InvestBraga initiative

Rui Oliveira, Professor at the University of Minho and INESC TEC’s member of the Board presented the Minho Advanced Computing Centre (MACC), which should be functional at the beginning of 2019. The professor also challenged the regional industrial base to take advantage of the biggest national computer.

MACC is a Portuguese infrastructure that supports research, designed for digital modelling and simulation and for data processing, analysis and visualisation in large quantities. In June, the University of Minho will receive from the Texas Advanced Computing Center of the University of Texas about 800 computers, with more than 60,000 cores that will comprise the supercomputer.

The conference “Supercomputação e Data Science... De Braga para o Mundo” (“Supercomputing and Data Science...From Braga to the World” in English) is part of the third Economy Week and took place last Tuesday at Forum Braga with interventions by Rui Oliveira (UMinho and INESC TEC), Pedro Ferreira (i3S/Ipatimup), Ingolf Wittman (IBM), Manuel Dias (Microsoft), José María Cela (BSC Applied Projects), Susana Mata (Accenture), Raul Azevedo (WeDo) and Paulo Vilaça (SilicoLife). The event was closed by António Cunha (UMinho).