HASLab/INESC TEC collaborator wins a Gulbenkian research grant in the field of Quantum Technologies

Afonso Rodrigues, a collaborator of HASLab/INESC TEC and holder of a Master's Degree in Physics Engineering from the University of Minho, was one of the eight winners of the Gulbenkian scientific and technological research grant in the field of Quantum Technologies.

Of the eight winners of this grant, Afonso Rodrigues was the only student from the University of Minho. Other winners included students from the University of Porto, Instituto Superior Técnico and the University of Aveiro.

The "New Talents in Quantum Technologies" programme aims to stimulate young people's interest in Quantum Technologies research, ultimately enabling the development of national competences in the area, and in particular in telecommunications, computing and metrology and quantum sensors. This programme was intended for 1st and 2nd cycle students, with or without training in Quantum Physics.

It should also be noted that the scientific committee of this programme was composed of Yasser Omar, from Instituto Superior Técnico, Armando Pinto, from the University of Aveiro, and José Nuno Oliveira from the University of Minho and a senior researcher from INESC TEC.