HASLab researcher concludes his PhD

Bernardo Portela defended this month his doctoral thesis entitled “A Provable Security Treatment of Isolated Execution Environments and Applications to Secure Computation”, having received a unanimous evaluation of “very good” from the jury.

This work was focused in developing scalable proof techniques that permit dealing with new forms of composition of cryptographic primitives that arise in the setting of novel trusted hardware technologies. Presenting the first steps in this direction, Bernardo provides formal security definitions, generic constructions and security analysis for attested computation, labelled attested computation and key-exchange for attestation. The work then demonstrates their applicability and feasibility in a variety of settings for security-critical applications relying on commodity hardware such as Intel SGX."

The jury was composed by Dario Catalano and Pedro Miguel dos Santos Alves Madeira e Adão, booth as external examiners.