HASLab participates in the Porto Tech Hub conference

José Nuno Oliveira, senior researcher from HASLab was invited to speak in the Porto Tech Hub conference, an event that took place last Friday at Alfândega Porto Congress Center.

The lecture was focused on the quantum computation field and the programmers’ necessary preparation for this new computation era. Specifically, José Nuno Oliveira raises questions about the possibility to rethink the programmes and to make knowledge on computer science more comprehensive and global.

In order to understand the challenges of the technological evolution and transformation and to project an image of impact in future jobs, the 4th edition of the Porto Tech Hub conference, which was debated by well-known pioneers on different technological fields, focuses on the theme “Future Jobs and Technologies”. Some of these pioneers are Antonio Alvarez from Amazon, Diogo Moreda from IBM Research and Francisco Caldas from Microsoft.