HASLab has two new masters

Rui Miguel Ribeiro and Vítor Enes Duarte, both HASLab researchers, defended their master's theses last week and received a grade of 18 and 19, respectively.

Rui Miguel Ribeiro, with his thesis titled "Common Infrastructure Provisioning", aimed to transfer the ability and responsibility of remotely allocating and provisioning computing resources to the average user. It targets not only physical resources, such as, commodity hardware, but also, virtual machines. To this end, a set of tools was developed to deal with the physical and virtual resources via a simplified web interface.

This thesis has somewhat benefited physical and virtual infrastructures, providing means of creating templates for remote and autonomous deployment capable of covering the whole provisioning cycle, from installation to configuration and deployment of services.

The author, who received a grade of 18, says that the conclusion of this stage is both a personal and a professional achievement.

Vítor Enes Duarte, with the thesis "Efficient Synchronization of State-based CRDTs", aimed to reduce the amount of information needed to synchronize CRDTs, data structures that can be replicated across multiple computers in a network. With this study, the author has developed techniques that can be easily applied to existing delta-state-based implementations of CRDTs in industry, such as in Akka, a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed applications.