HASLab and Outsystems project on users’ experience has ended

The OutSystems Learnability Model 2 (OLM2) was a service provision project developed by INESC TEC’s High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), the Centre for Computer Graphics and the OutSystems company, in order to improve the experience of using the OutSystems’ development platform and address the needs of the most unexperienced programmers.

In order to characterise the experience of using the Service Studio platform, a low-code development platform from OutSystems, the OLM2 project team analysed the first usage of two users’ – with and without programming experience. This analysis helped developing and validating tools to support the analysis process itself, more specifically analysis metrics, data visualisation mechanisms, taxonomies, etc. – which are also important to understand the interaction characteristics of each profile.

OutSystems will exploit the results and automate the analysis of how people use the Service Studio, while defining strategies to improve the users’ experience with said platform. The project also presented prospective ways of how the platform will evolve in the medium and long-term.

“The project encouraged the development of new scientific knowledge in the field of programming platforms analysis”, said José Creissac Campos, head of the HASLab’s project.

The OLM2 followed the OutSystems Learnability Model 1 (OLM1) project, which ran from May to December 2018, and whose main objective was the definition of a strategy for analysing the experience of using the OutSystems platform.