Guillermina Cledou concludes her PhD

Guillermina Cledou defended her doctoral thesis entitled “A Virtual Factory for Smart City Service Integration”. The researcher received a unanimous evaluation of “good with distinction” from the jury.

The thesis focuses on leveraging the similarities of Digital Public Services (DPS) and on applying a Software Product Lines (SPL) approach combined with formal methods techniques for specifying service models and verifying their behavioural properties. In particular, the proposed solution introduces the concept of a virtual factory for the planning and rapid development of DPS in a given smart city domain. Using such an approach can contribute to different challenges that governments face when delivering DPS, including delivering contextualised and complex services, reducing development costs and times, ensuring service in accordance with the law, and integrating services across government agencies, among others. 

As an example, most local governments deliver licensing services in order to regulate the provision of public transport services. These services share many characteristics such as business processes and documents, while depending on the specific context and government in which they are delivered, they may vary in some of the documents or functionality required. By taking advantage of these commonalities and variations it is possible to quickly obtain variations of the services customised to the needs of each specific context, reducing development costs and times. In addition, by using formal methods to model behavioural aspects of these services, it is possible to verify properties of the services and guarantee that they are in accordance with the law. 

The jury was composed of Maria Beatriz Santos (University of Aveiro, Portugal), José Bernardo Barros (University of Minho, Portugal), Erik de Vink (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands), Elsa Clara Estevez (Faculty of Informatics of the National University of La Plata, Argentina), and Marijn Janssen (Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands).