The businessman Álvaro Silva (Ramalhos group), the conductor João Neves (who left the Banda Nova de Fermentelos), the brothers Alexandre Madeira (mathematician) and André Madeira (musician), and the Paraíso Social de Aguada de Baixo (as institution of the year) were the five winners of the Judeus d’Ouro* reward, on Saturday, awarded by ANATA - Associação dos Naturais e dos Amigos de Águeda.


In addition to the Judeus d’Ouro, the ANATA awarded four honorable mentions: to the football player Fábio Cardoso (from Benfica’s B team, started in Recreio de Águeda), to the cyclist Edgar Pinto (5th in the Tour of Portugal and winner of the National ranking of the year), to Francisco Mendes and Jorge Pinto. These last two, students from the industrial automation master at the University of Aveiro, created the first 3D printer to be manufactured in Portugal.

In a true mix of surprise and honor, the winners thanked the recognition with very short interventions. Maria Elisa Gonçalves, president of the direction of the Paraíso Social, acknowledged that the insittution was "very touched" to be awarded with the Judeus d’Ouro referring to the fact that the distinction is the encouragement to "continue to strive for good services."

Álvaro Silva distinguished the family, employees, partners, and friends at the time of the tribute as well as João Neves made with the family, the direction, and musicians of the Banda Nova. "Without them I couldn’t do anything," he said. To the president of ANATA, Manuel Coutinho, "was also an honor for us to have people with such prestige as the ones we had today." Manuel Coutinho said that "every year ANATA searches to reward the ones that make the difference, being close friends of Águeda." He wished the winners “success in their work" and that "the talent continues and brings us new joys in the future."


With training in computer programming, author of several national and international publications. Won the IBM science award in the year 2013, as HASLab researcher, a research center of the University of Minho associated with INESC TEC. The prize, worth 15,000 euros, aims to distinguish the contribution of research work for the development of computer science and information technology in Portugal.

*The Judeus D’Ouro (Gold Jew) awards were established by ANATA - Associação dos Naturais e dos Amigos de Águeda (Association of Águeda’s Natives and Friends), to distinguish institutions and personalities from Águeda, that accomplished something important in the year of the attribution.

Região de Águeda, December, 2014