Exploratory project with OutSystems came to an end

The project “Outsystems Learnability Model”, which started in May 2018 and lasted for six months, aimed at defining a strategy to analyse the experience of using the OutSystems platform, in order to support its improvement. 

In particular, HASLab explored techniques and models for the identification of concepts necessary to the use of the low-code programming platform of OutSystems, in order to assess the feasibility of developing this line of work in the future. For example, by reducing the learning curve of the platform or by making it possible to adapt the platform to different user profiles.

The project was the result of a partnership between OutSystems and INESC TEC, through the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), also having the participation of the Centre for Information and Computer Graphics Systems.

INESC TEC was represented by José Creissac Campos, António Nestor Ribeiro, both senior researchers from HASLab and by Rui Couto, postdoctoral researcher from HASLab.