European project SafeCloud receives positive evaluation in second year

The European project SafeCloud, Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture, received a positive assessment in its second year of activity, as part of the European Commission's evaluation, in November, in Brussels.

SafeCloud is a European project led by INESC TEC through the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), one of its 13 integrated R&D centres, with the participation of about 30 researchers from seven European partners.

According to the evaluators, the progress of the project in the second year of execution was in line with the previously defined objectives, achieving a set of innovative actions that ended up strengthening the exploration potential of SafeCloud. In addition, the impact this has had on society and companies, as well as the creation of SafeCloud Technologies, a start-up created under SafeCloud to commercially exploit the project results, were some of the highlights in the project evaluation.

It should be noted that SafeCloud is a project that aims to protect data in the cloud, securing the current services and infrastructure of cloud computing. In addition, SafeCloud also aims to assure millions of users of cloud storage services that their data is not being handled by third parties. Additionally, the project wants to further protect user information during each procedure and ensure that data is processed securely and privately.