Documentation archive of programming languages pioneers receives support from INESC TEC

The archiving processing of the collection of the WG2.1 – Algoritmi Languages and Calculiwork group of the International Federation for Information Processing(IFIP) was presented on 20 June at the Braga District Archive (ADB) and received the support of INESC TEC, of the University of Minho and of the Primavera Business Software.

The social relevance that the software has in today's society explains the importance of the WG2.1 archive, which covers an important period in the history of this technology. Specifically, this archive that will be on display at the ADB until 6 July, gathers the research that was produced more than 50 years ago and that contributed to the software science, as it is known today. 

Between correspondence, scientific production, meetings minutes and reports on the activity of the WG2.1 members, this archive involves, among several other known researchers, six Turing Awards, awarded by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to a researcher with durable and fundamental contributions in the area of computing.

The presentation of the collection, composed of more than 1500 documents, took place in the ADB building and it had the intervention of José Nuno Oliveira, member of the current WG2.1, professor at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho and senior researcher of INESC TEC and Pedro Henriques, director of the Department of Informatics of UMinho, Jorge Batista, Co CEO at Primavera Business Software, António Sousa, Director of ADB, and Alexandra Vidal, responsible for the archiving processing.