DaVinci is the new research project of HASLab

DaVinci, Distributed Architectures: Variability and Interaction for Cyber-Physical Systemsis the new research project of INESC TEC’S High Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) that was recently approved by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and that aims to analyse and implement distributed software systems based on cyber-physical components.

Specifically, the DaVinci project intends to focus on the notions of continuous time and the reconfiguration of components and interaction protocols in order to enable the development of reliable and predictable networks of cyber-physical components. A practical example of this activity is the study of continuous components that are involved in the steering of electric city-vehicles from a remote location.

It should be noted that DaVinci will run from 2018 to 2020 and it will be led by a team of researchers of INESC TEC and of the University of Minho, having the CWI/Leiden University, the SRI International and the Belgian company Altreonic as external partners.

With a €238 000 budget, DaVinci will be coordinated by José Proença, postdoctoral researcher from HASLab and from the University of Minho, in partnership with Alexandre Madeira, Carlos Baquero Moreno, Guillermina Cledou, José Nuno Oliveira, Leandro Gomes, Luís Soares Barbosa and Renato Neves.

In José Proença’s opinion, the researcher responsible for the project, DaVinci will eucourage new collaborations with external partners and will attract new researchers interested in formal methods and distributed systems field.