The High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) is one of the integrated R&D centres of INESC TEC, a leading national associate laboratory, and a teaching and research subunit of the University of Minho, where it is headquartered.

HASLab designs and implements high-assurance software systems, software that is correct by design and resilient to environment faults and malicious attacks.

Research at HASLab is anchored on a rigorous approach to three areas of Computer Science: Software Engineering, Distributed Systems and Cryptography and Information Security. The laboratory's contributions to these areas range from fundamental research on formal methods and algorithms to applied research on tools and middleware that address real-world demands stemming from long-term collaborations with industry.

The High-Assurance Software Laboratory features members from various universities, namely: University of Porto, University of Beira Interior, both from Portugal, University College London and Teeside University, both from the United Kingdom.


HASLab’s coordination team consists of Manuel Barbosa (Coordinator) and Alcino Cunha (Coordinator).